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Changing Perspectives on Ageing & Equity for People with Diverse Needs


PhD BApSc(Orth) AdvDipM CertTAA


Supporting Diverse and Complex Needs 

About Me

My Background

Having practiced as an allied health practitioner (Orthoptist), educator and public speaker and working in the hospital, residential aged care, not-for-profit homeless and community care and academic sectors, I have shared my knowledge and expertise with learners representing diverse backgrounds, experience levels, and skill sets. 

This has demanded the successful incorporation of collaborative inter-professional teamwork between allied health practitioners, aged care personal care workers, nurses and medical practitioners and recreation workers. Maximising the potential of education using online learning models.  Having accrued 7 years of tertiary teaching and unit coordination experience in undergraduate Bachelor degree courses at LaTrobe University and the University of Tasmania, I am an accomplished tertiary lecturer with substantial research and project lead experience.  

My Experience

Driven by the principles of social justice and the need to translate research evidence into practice in order to achieve better outcomes for people facing disadvantage, hardship or discrimination. Following the attainment of my PhD in 2005, I have pursued a career supporting programs and projects focused on the functional and social impact of various neurodegenerative disorders and social disadvantage. 

Project lead for the $1.8M Wicking Projects which investigated the effectiveness of models of psychosocial care to assist older adults living with multiple cognitive impediments (including alcohol related dementia) to improve their physical, social and cognitive functioning particularly in the residential aged care environment.

It has been my responsibility to manage all aspects of funding and administration as well as the operational demands inherent with the successful conveyance of these roles. More recently I have been working as an academic at the LaTrobe University's Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care.

About Me

Striving to improve service delivery to people facing life changes associated with ageing, dementia, substance abuse, housing instability and disability, I have an affinity with academic research and teaching environments and collegial collaboration supports in the planning of teaching curriculums and unit content as well as research design and mythologies. 

I have regularly published research papers in peer-reviewed journals, reviews for professional publications and presented prolifically at national and international conferences and forums representing: mental health; disability; aged care; dementia; homelessness; brain injury and; drug and alcohol sectors. In 2011, I was awarded the title of Honorary Research Fellow at the National Aging Research Institute (NARI). 

When I'm not working with clients, I enjoy walking or jogging along river and mountain trails with my dogs. My favorite weekend activity is enjoying the outdoors and sporting activities with my spouse and two kids.

Drinking Aged

Darth of Effective Education & Support

Alcohol abuse can be difficult to assess as a result of the drug's legal status and its acceptability and socialisation as a recreational activity. The number of older people who abuse alcohol may appear low compared with national averages but the prevalence rate of alcohol abuse is projected to increase as Baby boomers and younger generations move into old age. 

Some heavy drinkers with an early-onset addiction are lucky to survive to older age while other, later-onset drinkers many of whom commence drinking heavily in retirement, all exhibit complex physical, psychological and social consequences of alcohol abuse often beyond those accompanying normal ageing.

Caring and supporting older people living with an alcohol addiction requires an understanding, tailored, non-judgemental approach. Mainstream drug and alcohol services are not appropriately specialised in providing aged care support and most aged care providers are not appropriately specialised in providing drug and alcohol support.


Many family caregivers and aged care service providers struggle to provide dignified care to the older person living with an alcohol addiction. The pathway to realizing this is through education and access to evidence-based information on the most appropriate responses to the issues presented. Rota Consultancy services can provide this.

It's all about Effective Communication

Changing Perspectives


Communication styles can differ and sometimes may not be compatible; however, as a professional, it is your duty to objectively receive the information the person is attempting to communicate even if their communication style may clash with your own or you consider to be offensive. 

This is particularly important when people are providing criticism or unwelcome advice, because if you take the criticism personally a break-down of communication will ensue which can have much broader, far reaching consequences. 

This learning can extend through to many life experiences such as responding to a person who may be behaving in way which you may find to be threatening or inappropriate. Strategies can be learned to support you to attribute the behaviour being elicited as a mode of communication used by the person to express their unmet needs and not a personal assault.


Behaviour Management Support Consultations

I am available on an hourly basis to support service providers in the delivery of education, training and support in developing effective behaviour management plans in the care of people who display complex behaviour often assosicated with brain injury, cognitive impairment and behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD). Providing additional support and training on minimising the impact of long-term alcohol abuse on the pursuit of improved life quality particularly within the ageing population.

Complete Education, Training & Support Service

I offer a complete education and training service that includes evaluating the effectiveness of service delivery, establishing reachable goals, advising and training management and staff on the delivery of dignified, person-centred care, and advocating for clients with diverse and complex needs. Delivering training on the implementation of effective inter-professional education and practice.

Service Evaluation Consultation

I offer consultation with health, aged care and homeless service providers to recommend an appropriate service for their needs. Focusing on the delivery of dignified person-centred care to people with diverse and complex needs and translating research and policy into day to day practice.

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